The New Standard for Patient-Care Communications

The New Standard for Patient-Care Communications

Amplion is building a better future for patient care. We combine capabilities in clinical workflow optimization, advanced patient communications technology and in-depth analytics to help organizations make data-driven decisions and create accountability within clinical teams. We close care loops and dramatically improve clinical and financial performance as well as patient and clinician experience.

Amplion Alert® Transforms Your Nurse Call System

Our game-changing care assurance platform turns your nurse call into a patient experience improvement tool:

  • Promote care team coordination and collaboration.
  • Inspire trust and confidence among patients and families.
  • Get real-time clinical data to make decisions and take action.

Safer patients. Smarter care. Assured.


The Smart(er) Patient Room of the Future

In this eBook, we examine attainable innovations in interoperability, big data, patient engagement and clinical workflow to fuel the path forward to smart(er) care.

Explore Our Interactive  Guide to Smart(er) Care

With Amplion, our families feel directly connected to our caregivers

- Megan Schmidt, CEO, Bristol, TN
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