Radically raising the bar on traditional nurse call and legacy in-room patient care technologies.

Amplion Alert is the industry’s first care assurance platform. This combination of smart technology and clinical workflow optimization creates true accountability for quality patient outcomes. And you get top of the line features without top of the line prices.

Amplion Alert exceeds UL standards for nurse call, enhances patient safety, including fall prevention and ulcer prevention, and optimizes clinical workflow, including quality rounding and alarm management. Just as importantly, Amplion Alert drives improved patient satisfaction (HCAHPS) and increases your ability to manage, coach and train your staff.

The flexibility

to build your

own future.

Take advantage of Amplion Alert’s full potential on day one, or seamlessly integrate new functionality at your own pace. Either way, Amplion Alert will change the way you care.

Amplion Alert offers three levels of support. At the base of the Amplion Alert platform is a revolutionary new approach to nurse call. From there, we layer on advanced messaging/reminders and sophisticated alarm management capabilities to deliver the industry’s most powerful set of tools for in-room patient care.

  • Level 1

    Nurse Call

    It’s time to cut the cord on nurse call as you know it. Amplion’s approach delivers higher impact at a lower cost. In fact, we offer the lowest cost option per bed in the market, despite next generation technology and an unprecedented feature set. Our technology is “smart”, allowing for more effective and efficient patient support.

  • Level 2

    Amplion Messaging

    Our advanced messaging functionality enables you to provide next-level, in-room care. Clinical Care Dashboards are installed at nurse stations and used to deliver patient alerts, which are visible via hallway screens and delivered to wireless phones. Reminder messages to the clinical team improve patient satisfaction and safety by enhancing the quality and consistency of call response, rounding, turns, pain and vitals.

  • Level 3

    Alarm Management

    Our alarm management capabilities integrate and triage messages from various in-room clinical devices. Based on skillset, caregivers will be alerted about specific patient needs, and pre-determined escalation protocols help patients get help faster. Alarms are filtered with wait times as appropriate to reduce non-actionable alarms and alarm fatigue. Leverage our robust reporting capabilities to conduct a detailed analysis as required by the Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goal.