Our solutions are designed for, by, and with clinicians.

We collaborate and co-create solutions with customers to ensure that we are solving their pain and empowering their clinical teams. Through rapid cycle development and continuous learning, we design, test and refine our capabilities in real clinical settings with real clinical resources.

We go to unreasonable lengths to make sure our customers are successful.

We build technology. But what we really sell is outcomes. As a result, we go above and beyond to make sure we deliver. At the end of the day, success for our customers means that they can create a safer environment for patients and positively impact the lives of real people. That truth drives us to do better, every day.

We cut out middleware and middlemen.

You get solutions and service straight from the source. There’s no complicated web of disparate technologies or hard to reach third parties with Amplion. We make it easy for you to purchase, implement and maintain the technology you need to care better.

Our Clinical Integration and Outcomes (CIAO) Team is ready for action.

Our CIAO team collaborates closely with nursing leadership to ensure total team adoption and to guarantee that hospitals receive the maximum value the system can provide.