It's time to cut the cord on Nurse Call

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Nurse Call

It’s Time to

Cut the Cord

on Nurse Call.

Lower Cost. Higher Impact. Built for the Future.

Finally – a new day for nurse call. For the longest time, nurse call systems have been trapped in the past, failing to keep up with the pace of technological change that has transitioned our society from pay phones to iPhones. From cassette tapes to streaming music. From wait and watch to on-demand everything.

Amplion is committed to taking patient safety and staff responsiveness to the next level, so we decided to change everything you thought you knew about nurse call. Welcome to the future!

Special Features Included in Amplion’s Nurse Call System:

  • SmartLight Technology

    Configurable dome light delivers unprecedented ability to assess the status and urgency of the patient care process.

  • Care Assurance Station

    Allows for convenient call cancel at footwall of the patient room. Also tracks care delivery to report specific caregiver response (RN vs. Aide)

  • Code Blue and Stat Assist

    Buttons at every patient station with no special wiring.

  • Smart Nurse Call on Pillow Speaker

    Special button options for PAIN, WATER, TOILET, to automatically notify caregivers of frequently requested patient needs.

  • Fall Protection

    Bed alarms and chair pads may be plugged directly into the system, along with toilet seat fall sensors. Toilet station talkback functionality lets patients know help is on the way.

Why Amplion Nurse Call?

In this time of decreasing reimbursements, every capital and expense dollar counts. Amplion understands this and has focused on using the latest technology to create a lower cost and more functional solution. In addition, our direct-to-hospital approach eliminates the cost of middleman dealers. We pass that savings along to our customers.

  • Smart Technology
  • Easy Installation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Unmatched Customer Service
  • Highest Impact
  • Lowest Cost
  • Built for the Future

Fully integrated reporting package enables quality data analysis for service recovery and sustainable patient experience improvements. Diagnose issues at the unit level or drill down to see individual room and caregiver details. Data points include:

  • Response times
  • Bed(s)
  • Event Type(s)
  • Staff Type Responding
  • Event Duration Range(s)

It’s easy to see the difference:

Traditional Nurse Call

Amplion Nurse Call

Meets UL standards – 90 second response time to system failure involving critical components

Far exceeds UL standards with unprecedented supervision of every device (10 second response time)

Complicated system of electrical wiring based on legacy technology from 1970s

Software-based platform uses Amplion Data Link (ADL) technology, whereby communication, power and data are transferred to patient room devices.

Limited reporting capabilities

Detailed reporting by user to select time, beds, event types, staff type responding, event duration

Lengthy delays for repairs while waiting on service technician

Most issues are resolved within minutes and without a service call.

Simple dome light – on/off only. Creates inefficiency and “light fatigue“ in a “No Pass Zone“ setting.

Dome light features Amplion’s SmartLight Technology –can be configured to support various alarm signals and deliver unprecedented ability to assess the status and urgency of patient needs

Adding functionality requires costly and complicated integration with middleware

Delivered on a configurable, customizable platform that eliminates the need for middleware and allows for easy upgrades to advanced messaging/reminder suite and alarm management support

Sold through distributors and other middle men

Delivered straight from the manufacturer. Amplion builds, sells, installs, supports and repairs its own solution.


Amplion’s integrated, real-time reporting portal makes it fast and easy to synthesize data, diagnose issues and take immediate action to ensure quality patient outcomes. The system features easy-to-read reports and specialized tools to analyze and compare care delivery performance at all levels of the organization. Access our reports on your desktop or on your mobile device anywhere, anytime.

Data visualization techniques quickly identify strengths and weaknesses and help prioritize action items for improving patient experience and caregiver satisfaction. Amplion’s reporting package includes dozens of practical reports developed with clinicians for clinicians.

Use our standard reporting package on day one or work with our clinical consultants to create custom reports tailored to measure your specific goals and objectives. With Amplion, you have the flexibility to have exactly what you need when you need it without expensive middleware.

Track Progress Toward Care Goals

Using the Quality Scorecard Report, clinical leaders can quickly get data on overall unit performance against established goals and protocols like phone compliance or rounding reminders.

Nurse Call - Track Progress

Nurse Call - Evaluate Individual Caregiver Performance

Evaluate Individual Caregiver Performance

The Quality Scorecard Report also allows you to drill down and see performance metrics at the individual caregiver level to pinpoint specific opportunities for improvement and coaching.

Evaluate Care Activity by Room

Amplion’s room activity report delivers data on the level of alarm and messaging activity by room. This report can be used to improve staff workflow and workload. Like the Quality Scorecard, clinical leaders can drill down to see exactly what is happening in individual rooms.

Nurse Call - Evaluate Patient Care Activity by Room

With Amplion’s robust reporting package, you have real-time and historical data to:

  • Address service recovery to improve patient satisfaction
  • Balance workflow and prevent caregiver burnout
  • Focus on performance issues as they occur
  • Identify trends and make evidence-based decisions to drive true accountability
  • Maximize coaching opportunities by targeting areas for improvement
  • Explore issues and discover root causes to improve patient safety and care delivery
  • Measure and manage alarm activity by floor, by device and by room to prevent alarm fatigue

Ready to Сut the Cord?

Request a personal demonstration of our new way to deliver nurse call. You'll have to see it to beleive it!