Integrated reporting portal delivers real-time clinical performance data.
Amplion’s integrated, real-time reporting portal makes it fast and easy to synthesize data, diagnose issues and take immediate action to ensure quality patient outcomes. The system features easy-to-read reports and specialized tools to analyze and compare care delivery performance at all levels of the organization. Access our reports on your desktop or on your mobile device anywhere, anytime. Data visualization techniques quickly identify strengths and weaknesses and help prioritize action items for improving patient experience and caregiver satisfaction. Amplion’s reporting package includes dozens of practical reports developed with clinicians for clinicians. Use our standard reporting package on day one or work with our clinical consultants to create custom reports tailored to measure your specific goals and objectives. With Amplion, you have the flexibility to have exactly what you need when you need it without expensive middleware.

Track Progress Toward Care Goals

Using the Quality Scorecard Report, clinical leaders can quickly get data on overall unit performance against established goals and protocols like phone compliance or rounding reminders.

Quality Scorecard Report

Evaluate Individual Caregiver Performance

The Quality Scorecard Report also allows you to drill down and see performance metrics at the individual caregiver level to pinpoint specific opportunities for improvement and coaching.

Evaluate Individual Caregiver Performance

Evaluate Care Activity by Room

Amplion’s room activity report delivers data on the level of alarm and messaging activity by room. This report can be used to improve staff workflow and workload. Like the Quality Scorecard, clinical leaders can drill down to see exactly what is happening in individual rooms.

Evaluate Patient Care Activity by Room

With Amplion’s robust reporting package, you have real-time and historical data to:

  • Address service recovery to improve patient satisfaction
  • Balance workflow and prevent caregiver burnout
  • Focus on performance issues as they occur
  • Identify trends and make evidence-based decisions to drive true accountability
  • Maximize coaching opportunities by targeting areas for improvement
  • Explore issues and discover root causes to improve patient safety and care delivery
  • Measure and manage alarm activity by floor, by device and by room to prevent alarm fatigue

Decisions Are Better with Data

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