Amplion Alert customers experience many positive outcomes – both clinical and financial.

Most importantly, Amplion Alert provides the assurance of safer and more satisfied patients. Amplion’s care assurance platform provides true accountability for quality patient outcomes and ensures no patient request or care event is forgotten. As a result, hospitals routinely see dramatic HCAHPS improvements after installing our system. Other clinical benefits include reduced alarm fatigue through effective alarm management and higher staff satisfaction through improved staff workflow and balanced workloads.

The financial benefits add up quickly. Regular rounding saves hospitals tens of thousands of dollars a year in lost revenue by preventing falls and pressure ulcers. Increased patient satisfaction leads to higher Medicare reimbursements, and robust data and integrated reporting allows hospital leaders to reduce staff turnover by balancing nursing unit workloads and adjusting the skills mix to match patient demands.

Case Studies


Acute Care Hospital

Alarm Management - Acute Care Hospital


Analyze and reduce alarm activity to comply with The Joint Commission 2016 mandate while improving staff response to alarming devices.


Amplion collected data across 30, 36-hour weeks and reduced the management of 5,000 alarms to only sending 700 messages with an average of 167 Bi-PAP alarm messages every shift. Filtering out alarms that self-canceled within six seconds reduced that number to 23 alarm messages per shift.

With an average of 11 RN/RTs, this meant each caregiver got approximately two Bi-PAP alarm messages per shift. So, instead of hearing 167 messages and not knowing if the alarm was real or was even for their patient, each RN/RT got two messages through Amplion Alert system that they knew were for their patient and that were likely to be important.


Androscoggin Valley Hospital

Patient Safety & Satisfaction


With limited clinical resources, improve the consistency and effectiveness of staff rounding and caregiver response times to reduce patient falls.


Since deploying Amplion Alert, the hospital dramatically improved rounding protocols, which reduced falls by 65%. The hospital also experienced no falls with serious injury for five years. Purposeful rounding also reduced nurse call activity by nearly 40%. The program proved so successful that AVH expanded the alert system beyond fall prevention to include a wide range of other patient-care tasks.

As a result, they have dramatically increased HCAHPS scores for nursing responsiveness, pain management, and quietness at night.

  • Nursing Responsiveness – from 48th percentile to 93rd percentile
  • Pain Management – from 45th percentile to 67th percentile
  • Quiet at night – from 33rd percentile to 72nd percentile

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Driving ROI

Amplion Alert provides the strongest financial value on the market today. Our system design and high-touch support make it easy and cost-effective to stay on the cutting edge with technology that is simple to use, maintain and upgrade. From reducing “Never” events to improving HCAHPS, Amplion helps you maximize ROI.

Amplion Alert Drives ROI

Amplion Alert Enhances Patient Safety

Enhancing Patient Safety

Safety is the foundation of excellent patient care and quality outcomes. When patients feel safe they can focus on making a full recovery. Amplion Alert speeds help to patients in need by sending the right task to the right caregiver at the right time. Our very first Amplion Alert customer reported a 65% decrease in patient falls and no falls with serious injury for five years.

Optimizing Clinical Workflow

Having the right tasks assigned to the right caregiver prevent nurses from becoming overwhelmed. Lower stress also means higher satisfaction. By tracking caregiver tasks and response at the patient’s bedside, nursing leaders have the data and reporting they need to optimize workflow and ensure proper staffing levels are in place to provide quality patient care and staff satisfaction.

Amplion Alert Optimizes Clinical Workflow

Amplion Alert Improves Patient Experience

Improving Patient Experience

Fast, consistent response is key to having safe, satisfied patients. With Amplion Alert, patients see a noticeable difference in the care they receive. Amplion Alert’s unprecedented level of transparency and accountability eliminates frustration from repeated requests, promotes peace of mind for patients and their families and ultimately improves patient experience.

Advancing Staff Management

Nursing organizations supported by our technology practice more teamwork, realize greater efficiencies and experience increased accountability. Data collected at the point of care delivery helps clinical leaders determine which caregivers are meeting hospital standards for patient satisfaction, recognize and reward best practices for high performers, and identify coaching opportunities for caregivers who need improvement.

Amplion Alert Advances Staff Management