Our Founder, David Condra, speaks about the
genesis of Amplion Alert.

Safer Patients. Smarter Care. Assured.
We are Amplion.

Amplion Clinical Communications (Amplion) specializes in developing and implementing patient-care communication technology for hospitals and health systems. Founded in 1979 as Dalcon Communications and headquartered in Nashville, the company has a long and distinguished track record of technological innovation, starting in the early 1980s as a leader in offering multi-user microcomputer-based systems. In 2006, the company developed VoIP unified communications software and, in 2008, unified patient care solutions. Both efforts received national recognition and numerous industry awards.

In 2011, Amplion revolutionized patient-care communications with the launch of Amplion Alert, the first alarm management system that confirms an in-room response by the caregiver and then documents the care event.

Today, Amplion’s new patient care assurance platform enables hospitals and their nursing staff to provide an even higher level of care to their patients. Our unified system replaces outdated nurse call systems and other in-room technologies with a powerful suite of patient communication and care management tools. Amplion Alert allows caregivers to be more organized and responsive, patients and their families to be confident of receiving quality care and management to have data analytics they need to take patient safety and satisfaction to new levels.