Leveraging best practices gleaned from other implementations and more than 35 years of hands-on clinical experience, Amplion’s Clinical Integration and Outcomes (CIAO) Team offers consultation that helps you keep what is working well and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Our Six Step CIAO Team Process:

Step 1: Clinical Assessment

Partnered with your clinical leadership, Amplion’s CIAO Team closely examines current procedures and workflow to ensure the greatest success in system implementation. We identify processes and procedures that the system must integrate into rather than disrupt and replace.

We seek to answer questions such as – how will the system impact current workflow, staffing practices, patient assignments, communications and even staff-type collaboration?

Step 2: Engineering Collaboration for System Design

Prior to the development and build processes of your system, the CIAO Team collaborates directly with Amplion engineers to communicate information identified in the Clinical Assessment that will impact your system. This collaboration ensures that system options are selected based on the knowledge of how each option impacts clinical workflow. Once these clinical details are shared and thoroughly documented, the system development and build processes can begin.

Step 3: Quality Control Testing

Following the completion of the client’s system development and build, the CIAO Team, along with Quality Control initiates a full system test. During this step, every component of the system is tested in the Amplion lab in a simulated environment as if it were installed to ensure quality and readiness for the actual installation. This multipoint inspection and testing process paves the way for a seamless ‘go live’ process.

Step 4: Training

Amplion offers a two-prong training approach to prepare staff for the ‘go live’ process – eLearning followed by in-person clinical training led by former nursing leaders who understand the complexities and challenges faced by staff. Amplion’s eLearning Suite features short videos designed to introduce basic system functionality and serve as the launching pad for hands-on onsite training classes. In-person training gives staff a real-world view of the system and is tailored to specific client needs and system configuration.

Step 5: Go Live Management

The CIAO Team manages a hands-on go-live process. When possible, system features and functionality are enabled in a phased approach offering a more manageable learning opportunity for all staff. Amplion Nurses are onsite to support the acclamation period of each staff member ensuring the highest system compliance and staff adoption success rate.

Step 6: Ongoing Support

Amplion does not just set it and forget it. The CIAO Team provides ongoing services and support to clinical leaders within the hospital ranging from a unit Charge Nurse to the Chief Nursing Office to the CEO, if needed. CIAO Team nurses work hand-in-hand assisting in such processes as data analysis and utilization, system adoption rate responses, staff compliance statistics and quality measures reflecting HCACPH and National Patient Safety Goal strategies.