Dalcon Changes Name to Amplion, Adopts New Hospital Alert Mission

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Nashville-based technology company Dalcon Communication Systems has a new name: Amplion Clinical Communications. It is a change that its chief executive said reflects its new sole focus on improving patient care communication in hospital settings.

That shift comes after the company led by technology veteran David Condra raised $3.75 million in a financing round led by Nashville-based Solidus Co. LP and Council Capital, which invested through its Council and Enhanced Tennessee TNInvestco fund. Amplion plans to use the money to expand sales of its new technology to hospitals nationwide and that financing has already allowed the company to triple its head count to 18 employees.

Over the past six years as Dalcon, Amplion provided telephone systems that utilize Internet voice technology to businesses in various industries. Now it will focus on putting its wireless in-room communications system including a computer device in patients’ rooms.

The Amplion Alert system connects the rooms to nurses’ stations and nurses on the floor. It allows clinicians to track, manage and confirm delivery of care in response to patients’ calls for assistance and provides data that allow management of staffing ratios — both to manage budgets and identify where additional clinical care support is needed.

“Basically, our world today is literally on the hospital floor,” said Condra, who founded the company some 33 years ago and is its chairman and chief executive officer. “Our model improves the communication of real-time patient needs to caregivers.”

The new name is based on the Latin word “amplio” which means “to improve”, he said.

Amplion has eight client hospitals. Condra expects that to grow as hospitals respond to Medicare measuring performance in areas such as patient safety and patient satisfaction. “Many patients complain about loud alarm systems in their hospital rooms,” said Vic Gatto, a partner in Solidus. “The Amplion system is more effective at notifying the nurse, but also completely silent. This drives patient satisfaction, which is important for Medicare scores.”

One Amplion client, Androscoggin Valley Hospital in New Hampshire, said it hasn’t had a major patient fall since implementing the technology company’s system 21/2 years ago.

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